Cool Date Venues in Paris, France

Paris is a romantic city for dating
Where to go when you meet someone single in Paris

So, you’ve met someone interesting (and hopefully single in Paris) either online or in person and want to go out and do something together, just the two of you.  This is a great time to ask yourself what direction you’d like the night to go in and what you’d like a bit further down the road. Is the person one night stand material, but lacking the substance to build a relationship? Do you have a huge crush on the person and hope for a relationship? You don’t want to categorize it, but just see where it goes?

Below are some cool places to take someone on a date in Paris, that would work for  for either a ‘casual encounter’, a first date or something a bit more serious!

 Food and drink based dates:

If you're single in Paris go on a Croissant date
Need a date idea in Paris? Croissants!!!

Paris is full of amazing culinary delights. Early in the dating game? Croissants are a great answer. Any bakery you go to will have great croissants, which are fantastically portable to eat anywhere. And a about one Euro each, you can’t really complain about the cost! Want to know where to get really good croissants? Check out Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger. You can thank me by telling your friends about this post!

Dessert is a great sweeter option for a date in Paris. You get to skip all the preamble that comes with a dinner and get right to the good stuff!  Try Le Crepuscule or Creperie Broceliande for great crepes. Is ice cream more your thing? Then what about Amorino? Not only is the ice cream great, but they also class it up by making very artsy, decorative creations like flowers…

Paris date picnic on the Seine
Take your Paris date on a picnic on the river.

Don’t like croissants or desserts? On a low-carb or low-fat diet? No worries. A picnic is the best bet for you take your date to the bank of the Seine river with a bottle of wine, some fruits and cheeses, and a couple of boiled eggs. A baguette would not be out of place (and even if you don’t want some maybe your date does)! Throw in a few tealight candles and a blanket to cuddle up on and you’ve got the beginnings of an excellent date!

Not sure if its going to go well? Want something non-commital?  How about just coffee. Great for the fall and winter months, find yourself a nearby bistro to drink coffee (or tea or hot chocolate)and watch the world go by. Try one of the specialty cafes in Paris like Café Lomi or Blackburn Coffee.

drinks at a Paris singles bar
Take your date for cocktails in Paris!

 In the mood for something a bit stronger than coffee? Try the Experimental Cocktail Club , Copper Bay or Le Syndicat. Cocktails can provide some social lubricant that might smooth out any rough edges of your dating skills, but make sure that neither you nor your date over-indulge! 

Get some culture

Spend some time walking around the smaller streets of Montmartre, right over to the Sacré-Cœur for a beautiful and romantic view of Paris that will be sure to charm your date.

Movie buff? Take your Paris date to one of the iconic vintage film venues in the city like La Pagode, or Le Balzac.

Paris date single women garden versailles
The Garden of Versailles is a great place to take your Paris date!

Check out the Palace of Versailles with your Paris date! This will give you a chance to talk to you date about the Hall of Mirrors, or the incredible Garden of Versailles.

There are a huge variety of museums and art galleries in Paris, to suit the taste of any art conisseur (or critic). In Montmartre, is the Musée de la Vie Romantique perfect for a culturally enlightening first date. Try the Musée Gustave-Moreau or the Musée Eugène Delacroix for interesting exhibits. Not up your alley? There is a whole list of Paris Museums on Wikipedia! I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking.

Go on a boat cruise

Boat ride dates in Paris
A boat ride is an amazing date in Paris.

Go on a boat ride up the Seine and opt for a cruise up the Canal Saint Martin instead, plus if your date is a hit, there are plenty of achingly cool bars in the neighborhood to hit up afterwards.

Even if you don’t do any of the activities listed, I’m sure you’ll meet someone single in Paris, and find something cool to do with them. Paris is an amazing city.