Meeting Women in Paris

Computer Paris online dating website
Use online dating to meet Paris women!

The first thing you really need to take care of is actually meeting women in Paris. The easiest way to take care of this is by accessing one of the many internet dating sites that serve the city. Alternatively, get out on the town and talk to people!

Women in Paris – Mystery?

Women in Paris may seem quite different and might sometimes even seem like alien creatures to some men, but in truth they are just people, with beliefs, ideas and desires. Both women and men can be relatively simple when it comes to some things and exquisitely  complex when it comes to others.  This depends on huge variety of factors in addition to their gender, like their personalities, how they were raised, and if they’ve had a tough day! One thing everyone can get on board with is that males and females can have differences other than the anatomical ones. While there isn’t a comprehensive instruction manual to ‘decode’ women, some tips below will probably help you fellas out.

How you make her feel is far more important than your words

Parisian woman's lips
Talk is cheap, show your Paris date you mean it!!

You can repeatedly whisper your devotion and say she is lovely, delicate, beautiful, etc., but if your words don’t make her feel loved, sexy and cherished inside, your words won’t be enough. Sometimes your actions matter way more than what you say to her. Actions can speak louder than words, and she knows it! Instead of just saying nice things, show her how you feel.  Hold open a door now and then, say please and thank you, make eye contact (but not too much, that’s weird!), send a a paper card on a birthday, and generally act as though you think she’s awesome. Never put her up on a pedestal as then you’ll start to find her unapproachable in your own mind.

Your Paris date sees things from a different angle

Much of the time women read more into your words, body language and actions than you would expect. Whether the conclusions they arrive at are correct is often debatable, just being aware of this can keep you out of a lot of trouble and sometimes you can even use it to your advantage!

She’s very probably more emotionally intelligent then you are

Women articulate most things differently and often better than men. A woman’s emotions and passions will impact on her actions and her words, often lots more than a guys. It depends on which woman you’re speaking with, but you should consider being more aware and expressive of your emotions. Some women feel closer to ‘sensitive’ men, as understand them better. However, this you need to be careful that they still see you a potential partner and not just as the expression of emotions makes them realize that you understand them and care for them.  However, some women prefer potential lovers to be the strong, silent type, in which case zip it most of the time and let your actions speak for you!

Paris women want a variety of things and these change with the situation

Questions for Paris girls
There are lots of questions you need to consider on your Paris date.

The reason men can have difficulties in understanding the needs of women, which can be quite variable and sometime conflict with other needs. What men often fail to consider is that not only is this different for most women, but can change depending on the situation, the setting, the people around and many other things.

  • When is the right time to treat them as an equal? When is the correct time do you treat them as ladies (helping with heavy things, offering a seat or and umbrella, pulling out chairs, etc.)?
  • Is there a right time to just listen and nod your head or is she looking to you to providing advice or to discuss a solution together?
  • When should you ‘chill’ and play it cool? When is it OK to show your affection, and express your love?
  • What are the ‘right’ answers to loaded questions (ie do I look big in this dress?)

The reason men are often confused, is that these are questions (and the right answers to them) are in part dependent on not only the woman your speaking with, but the situation. Pay attention to the situation and more often thna not, you’ll get these things correct! And if you don’t learn from your mistakes in that particular situation and don’t make it again. There are a few key, universal traits, however, that the vast majority of women will find sexy. Make sure you master these!!

  • Level of Confidence – A man who is comfortable in his own skin and who is self-assured and happy is a sexier man than his less self-confident twin, regardless of his appearance. The question then becomes, how do you show a woman that you’re awesome and confident?


  • Eye of a beautiful Paris woman
    Make eye contact with your Paris date

    Eye contact – this is key to show your Paris lady that you are interested in her and not your cell phone, the pretty waitress or your shoelaces. Be sure to keep your eyes, mainly on her eyes and not on her lovely lady bits, no matter how great they look.


  • Suit for Paris men
    Look good to impress single women in Paris

    Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man – When you’re looking good, you feel good about yourself,  and this makes you exude confidence. Paris women will sense this confidence and respond. You don’t have to spend your entire salary, but don’t skimp either! Buy timeless, versatile, high quality pieces to add to your collection of outfits. Here’s a word of advice: take a Paris woman with good fashion sense shopping with you to give you advice and make sure you look good from a female perspective!


  • Fresh breath is important for dating
    Don’t be the guy with terrible breath…

    Eliminate bad breath –No woman in Paris (or anywhere else) wants to kiss a man whose mouth smells like a sewer.  Brush your teeth 2-3 times a day. Brush your tongue too! If you smoke, consider stopping. Floss daily. Chew gum or suck on a breath mint before you meet her. Or after you eat stinky foods. If you have still have chronic bad breath after doing the above regularly, go see a doctor!


  • Bottles of Parisian male perfume
    Pick a cologne or body spray that make you smell great!!

    Smell nice – Many Paris ladies will have developed a better sense of smell than their male counterparts, and human females have this sense as part of their sense of attraction to a man. Women will quickly come to associate a man with his scent, so make that association positive! And your body odor is probably not a good place to start. Even if you don’t think you have a strong body odor, it may be because you’re around it 24/7 and don’t notice it anymore. At best your body scent is neutral, but more likely its somewhere in the range of mildly unpleasant to gag-inducing. Don’t wait to find out which one!! Bathe every day, and again before you go on a date. Use an antiperspirant or deodorant spray or stick. Find a decent cologne or body spray that compliments your natural scent (again, it can help to take a lady-friend with to help pick something). Once you find a suitable scent, don’t use way too much; no one wants to drown in a wake of man-fume as you pass by!


  • Paris men with beards or clean shaven?
    Facial hair or not? As long as its well cared for, your call…

    To shave or not to shave (your face) – Stubble is fine if it’s nice and tidy, and these days a beard is all the rage. However, matted, scraggly facial hair that has lint and bits of food trapped in it, is not likely to impress any woman. Clean shaven is a classic and when in doubt, its probably your best bet. If your facial hair grows fast, then you can try different looks to see what works best. If you’re not good at trimming your facial hair or don’t have the equipment, hop onto the internet, find a picture of the facial hair you’re hoping for and find a stylist/barber to help you carve it out!


  • Don’t mumble – Speak clearly and confidently. Don’t shout. Don’t speak with your mouth full. Don’t swear unnecessarily. Think before you say anything. Enunciate. Look at her face when you speak to her. Make sure the words about to leave your mouth cannot hurt her feelings, make you look stupid, or ruin your chances.


  • Paris man touching Paris woman
    Break the touch barrier…

    Non-sexual touching – This is one of the hardest ones. You need to be confident enough to break the ‘touch barrier’, at first in a completely non-sexual way. Don’t be lecherous when you do it, don’t try to be erotic, but relaxed, playful touching of her shoulder or arm to get her attention or to accentuate something you are saysing will show her you’re interested, and open up the playing field for more. Give her her a hug goodbye, dance with her (if you can dance), put your arm around her when taking a photo, or when you’re showing her how to do something touch her in order to adjust her stance or positioning. Be careful with this one, your first contact should be subtle, innocent and short-lived. If she’s not into you making physical contact, she’ll likely provide clear signs.


  • Ask her questions about everything – The two of you should be having a dialogue; don’t dominate the conversation, nor let it lag. The best way to find the happy middle is to ask her questions related to the things she is saying, and occasionally contribute bits of relevant information about your life that might be of interest. You can use your questions to direct the conversation to areas where you are confident in discussing so that you can contribute comfortably, but once there, don’t bore the hell out of your Paris date. Watch her face and eyes to make sure she is not bored or just pretending to be interested. Give her opportunities to change the topic as well, in case she isn’t enjoying the current discussion.  


  • drinks at a Paris singles bar
    You know you’ll be faced with some decisions on your Paris date…

    Make decisions, but don’t be overbearing – If you lack the ability to take a decision, whether its choosing the movie, ordering a drink at the bar or choosing a dinner option, this indecisiveness may be interpreted as a lack of confidence. If this is a problem area for you, then think ahead so you already know the answers to questions that will surely come up; ‘what do you want to do tonight’, ‘what are you going to have to eat/drink’, ‘where can we go next?’.  While the fact you can make up your mind will impress her, be sure to involve her in decisions and don’t force your choices on her. And never, ever over-ride her decisions; even if you know better! Suggest, recommend, but in the end her choices are her own.