Single in Paris? – Try Paris online dating

Go out and meet people or try Paris online dating!

If you’re looking for a casual or  a serious relationship in Paris, France, there are loads of good ways to meet people for romance. What a great city for it! Being single in Paris gives you excellent options to find dates, to connect with interesting people, and to find the right person either for starting something long-term or just for a bit of fun.

There are lots of bars, an amazing club scene that’s active every night,  and a city atmosphere that combines French passion with old-world style. Paris has university campuses throughout the city, and areas like Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Oberkampf and Rue de la Huchette are fantastic places to find fun and great people to meet! The culture, parties, and beautiful people set Paris apart from all others as a city for singles.

If you hope to find any kind of relationship in Paris, you need to put yourself out there; step out of your comfort zone and take some chances. Depending on what you’re like as a person, you may have to stretch a little to optimize your chances.

There are a lot of ways to go about meeting people in Paris. You can connect with people the traditional way, and meet potential partners via your friends, through social clubs and group activities, or spending time in places where interesting people hang out.  However, the world has moved on a lot in the last decades. Consider using the internet as an easy, effective way to meet people. A whole online industry has sprung up around internet dating websites where you can connect you with a people who share your ideas and attitudes.

Paris is an incredible city for single people for lots of reasons:

  1. Paris is a big city. There is always something exciting going on somewhere. You just have to find it. Every time you go to different venues in different parts of Paris and you’ll have an opportunity to meet new people.
  2. People are territorial. They tend to go back to the places they like over and over again. If you spend enough time at the place where you met someone you’re attracted to, its very likely you’ll run into them again. If you don’t want to risk never seeing them again, be sure to talk to them and to get their contact info the first time you meet them!
  3. If you’re not from France, you’ll benefit from what is known as the ‘foreigner effect’. Your accent, your customs and traditions will set you apart from the local the Parisian locals. You can use this exotic quality to your advantage when you meet someone.  People from other places are very interesting and appealing.
  4. There are always newcomers moving to Paris in a steady stream. This might be for school, for work or travellers exploring the city of lights on their holidays. This means that there will always be a rich supply of new dating options.

Meet someone in Paris, France: The old-fashioned way

Paris clubbing
Clubs are excellent places to meet people in Paris

I doesn’t matter where you live in Paris; there are numerous clubs and bars, where you can meet exciting new people.  There are some things you can do, in order to maximize your chance to find someone in Paris that wants the same thing you do:

  • Regardless of what you you look like or whatever your age, you need to be sure you’ve made the most of your natural assets, and you should always look your best. Be sure to show off your best features, and if possible, to draw attention away from those places you’d rather not have people focus.
  • Take control of your personal hygiene. Bathe frequently (at least once a day), and use deodorant or antiperspirant on your armpits. When in doubt err on the side of cleanliness! Lots of people are so accustomed to their own body scent that they don’t notice when they stink. But everyone else does!
  • If you’re using perfume, aftershave or cologne, then please do so lightly! You also don’t want to choke people in a cloud of scent whenever you walk by. In addition, you should know that body spray or cologne is most definitely not a substitute for  a daily shower!
  • One word: CONFIDENCE. Confidence can make so much difference in how people perceive you. Make an extra effort to be pleasant, friendly and outgoing, and exude confidence wherever you go.
  • Passion is sexy. Don’t be afraid to be passionate and enthusiastic about your life, your job, and your leisure time activities. Even when you speak about things that are not traditionally interesting, try to be upbeat and positive. Too much negativity is a real downer!
  • Turn off your TV. Power down your game system. Leave your dwelling. Go do things. Try to participate in activities that encourage social interaction with other people. Staying home is the worst way to find someone to connect with!
  • Show off your ‘special skills’.  If you have a great voice then go to a karaoke bar or become part of a choir. Like to act? Join a theater group or go to an acting class. Even if you’re not particularly good at these things, its enough that you find them interesting…taking classes around your interests is a great way to meet people!
  • If you feel it’s appropriate, you could also find potential love interests at work. Now you need to be careful here! If it doesn’t go well, chances are you have to see this person on a daily basis. Even if everything goes as planned, seeing someone all the time  at work can be a strain on the relationship.

Meeting Someone in Paris, France: Online Dating

Paris online dating
Online dating is free and very easy to sign up for!

The world is a hectic place and our lives get busier and busier every year. Things will likely get even busier in the future!  It’s hard to meet people, and even more difficult to meet potential love interests with similar interests and ideas.

One brilliant solution to this is to enter the world of online dating. Using the internet as a tool for romance really does make a lot of sense in these busy days. The nice thing is that these days, there is no stigma associated with online dating. Most single people use the internet to try to relationships whether they want something casual or long-term. I’m sure you have at least one friend who is in a relationship that started online. Even if you’re one of the few that don’t think dating online is for you, you might consider giving it a try. Think of it a bit like online shopping. It’s free to sign up and ‘shop’ for a partner, and it certainly can’t lower your chances of making a connection!

There are some great dating sites in Paris and the surrounding area. Its a good idea to sign-up for a free account for several of them, and then once you see the interface and the kind of people you’re matched with. If you find one you like, you can upgrade to a paid account, which is very helpful in contacting potential partners.

In my opinion, the best dating site for people living in Paris is Parship. Parship is free to sign up, and has a huge base of members. In order to find compatible partners, you need to complete a compatibility test; it doesn’t take long and really helps to screen out incompatible partners.

You should also try Meetic. They also have lots of members and again, the sign up is free. You’ll also need to answer questions on Meetic to decide on your partner preferences as they focus on putting people together to help them find long term relationships. They have an online questionnaire that you’ll need to complete to get your free basic account.

Are you looking for something casual? There are two great sites for this operating in Paris.  C-date, is a website specializing in casual encounters with over 36 million members. A similar site, Victoria Milan, also has millions of members. where you can find men and women looking for casual encounters.  You should create accounts for both of these in order to maximize your changes for finding a casual online hook-up.

When you create your online dating profile for Paris, it’s critical to be honest. If you’re profile is not truthful, any people that you meet from your profile will be disappointed. When starting to date online in Paris, there are a several things you need to keep in mind:

  • You should use a profile photo that is attractive but accurate.
  • The most successful dating profiles are concise but make a powerful impact.
  • Don’t advertise yourself as something you’re not. Make sure your profile accurately reflects your interests.

If you are single (or even if you’re not) and decide to look into online dating, many sites have a large number of members with a free sign upTake advantage of these to test the waters of dating online.

Paris date in park
Finding a love interest in Paris can be easy!

There are a host of online dating sites that operate in Paris, so play the numbers and open profiles with more than one of them. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

When you find someone online who catches your interest and your eye, there are lots of amazing places to go to in Paris and interesting things to do.

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