First Dates

How to prepare before the first date: Meeting someone in Paris

Before planning a first date in Paris, you need to meet someone who is interested to go out with you! You should consider signing-up to a few online dating sites; this will help you line up potential partners. These days its estimated that almost 30% of relationships (and an even higher proportion of casual encounters) are the result of internet dating! Signing up for an online dating website is usually free. Make use of this to see if online dating is of interest to you. There are lots of internet dating agencies available in Paris, so why not create an account for all of them!

The best online dating site for English speakers in Paris has thousands of members, and takes into account your personal preferences. It provides links to other sites that focus on specific ethnicity,  religions, professions, fetishes or other preferences, if that’s important to you.

paris first date
Before your first date you need to meet someone in Paris!

But, you shouldn’t limit yourself just to online options. Why not try more traditional venues too?  Take a chance and talk to people at a bar, or a club. Start up a conversation in a department store, or wherever you encounter an attractive partner. This will take some courage and feel a bit unnatural at the start, but the more you engage with other people in this way, the more comfortable and confident you’ll become at doing it…

It doesn’t matter whether you meet someone at a bar, online or while grocery shopping;  there is only so far telephone calls, text messages, and e-mails can take a relationship.  You need to meet the other person to see if there is something worth exploring between the two of you.

If a casual relationship is more to your liking, then try to meet the other person as soon as possible! Don’t  spend too much time and effort if you’re only interested in a short term relationship! If there is no physical attraction, casual relationships don’t usually move forward, and why bother with all that ground work only to find out you’re not interested…

Plan some variants of what you want to do on your Paris date

movie tickets and popcorn
Plan some different date alternatives!

When it comes to going on a date, you can be sure that everything that can go wrong, will! Ok, maybe not sure, but still, when planning a first date, put some thought into it. You should plan to do something of interest for both of you. I can’t stress for the both of you part enough.  Some activities you personally find extremely engaging might bore your date. The special at your favorite restaurant, might be someone elses worst nightmare.

Think carefully about the person you are meeting. Plan two dates (at least), that you think you’ll both enjoy.  Why bother to plan two activities?  Its because things can go wrong. Cars can break down, the weather can be terrible, the restaurant might lose your reservation, or the movie you want to see might not be in the theater anymore. If you plan ahead for multiple options, you can suggest these to your date and decide together. This way you don’t to force them to do something that doesn’t interest them. They share the responsibility for a bad date if things go sour as they helped make the decision. If the first date goes great, you already have something on the tip of your tongue at the end of the night in case you already want to propose a second date.

Your first date should always be quick

Even when you’re certain you’ll get on, you should plan a short first date. One of the worst feelings in the world is getting trapped on a date with someone you end up not liking, that lasts forever! You’ll know if you don’t like your date in the first hour. Keep your first date short and to the point. If things are going really well, then you can always suggest extending the date. In the worst case scenario, you leave your date looking forward to the next date. Always leave them wanting more!

hands around a Paris sunset
Always make your Paris date feel special and unique

Make your date in Paris feel special

The first date doesn’t have to break the bank. There is no need to be super-classy or reinvent the world of dating. But make it memorable. Sunsets and beautiful views are free, romantic and amazingly seductive. Why not try something outside of the box. Perhaps the zoo, or maybe an amusement park? How about a nice picnic in a scenic location? Suggest some ideas and see how your date responds.


No surprises

Spontaneity can be a great thing… but not usually when it comes to a first date! After dating for a while, surprises are great and keep a relationship exciting and fun. Things are already exciting and fun enough on the first date because you just met. Any additional surprise will too much on a first date. The vast majority of the time, contrary to what rom-com films portray, people appreciate knowing what to expect. Tell them if you plan to take them to a movie or to the opera. Planning the date somewhere fancy? Tell them!  Nothing is worse than showing up inappropriately dressed for a first date. Let them know you’ll be going to the water park, or will be hiking on a trail.  This serves two purposes. Your date can prepare, dress appropriately and become comfortable with the situation. It will also allow them to let you know gently and well in advance, if they don’t like what you’ve planned.

Be punctual on your first date in Paris

Clock representing Paris dating
If you’re single in Paris, finding someone might take time and patience

For many, first dates are nerve-wracking occasions already. Why add to that by not showing up on time?  Make a point of being there on time! And if you run into some sort of unexpected emergency,  call and let them know. Even if its not your fault, apologize for your tardiness.

Be able to find each other

If it’s the first time to meet each other, then be certain to make yourself easy to find. It’s not a good idea to make your date ask a bunch of other people if they are their date.

Compliment your Paris date

There is fine line between being complimentary and brown nosing. Be sure to compliment your date on some real aspects of their personality that you find interesting. I suggest you don’t comment too much on physical appearance, but talk about what you like about their personality. Are they funny or smart or something else you appreciate? In addition to personality, shoes and accessories are places to plant a compliment, as are careers, aspirations, education, etc.  Be careful as too much flattery will make you sound desperate and fake.

Go Easy on the Alcohol!

drinks at a Paris singles bar
You know you’ll be faced with some decisions on your Paris date…

France has some of the best wines on the planet, but take care!! A little alcohol can act as social lubricant for a first date, to relax things. But only if you both drink. Before you order wine, beer or spirits, be certain your date is not a recovering alcoholic, or does not drink for another reason.

Even if you both like a tipple, too much happy-sauce on the first date can cause a lot of trouble. We’ve all heard tales that make us wince about people who got too drunk on a date and ruined things before they even got started.

Its a Discussion, not a Monologue

Ever been out with someone who doesn’t talk much? What about someone who talked non-stop?  If you are not a chatty person, you can prepare yourself ahead of time by memorizing some ice-breaking conversation starters. If you’re a super-outgoing extrovert, make sure that you don’t hog the conversation! And please leave your phone in your pocket  or purse for the night…focus your energy on the person in front of you.

Personal Hygiene

Be sure you take care of your grooming before you date in Paris

Fresh breath is important for dating
Don’t be the guy with terrible breath…

No one wants to go out with someone with terrible breath, body odor, or filthy clothes… Make an effort to really tidy yourself up and practice good personal grooming. Keep chewing gum or mints handy, make sure your clothes are fresh and that you’ve bathed. Ask a well-groomed friend to make recommendations on where you can improve. Have a fashionable friend or family member give you honest feedback on the clothes you plan to wear to the date. Shine your shoes, iron your shirt and shave (face or legs/pits).

Good luck on your first date in Paris!!